Manage and send mssages from your web browser

Telemox Communicator is our web-based application that lets you send SMS messages to your customers, members or anyone else direct from your web browser and receive replies. You can message them individually or in groups, wherever they are and whenever you want.

 How TELEMOX Communicator (SMSJORDAN) can help you:

 It gives you the ability to set the sender id and personalize your messages.

 It provides tools for you to monitor and analyze your messaging campaigns.

 Communicator is perfect for your businesses and entrepreneurs as it makes it simple for you to market instantly to your customers or members, or alert them to offers, deals, meetings or changes to arrangements.

 If you're working in an enterprise environment, Communicator is equally valuable, as it's an excellent browser-based intranet tool for internal messaging.

 Communicator's simple web interface lets you import or enter contacts and manage into convenient groups

 What does it cost?

There's no charge of any kind for using the Communicator product. To send messages via Communicator you need simply to purchase message credits. The cost of these varies depending on the volume purchased and the amount used per message depends on the destination, for more information contact us at .

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